The 2018 season

Good morning ! The Deep water shrimp company is very excited about this year. This year we will be in 8 locations, hopefully 1 near you. We are still expanding our product line to include Red shrimp, sizes 21-25 and U15 ( what I call the BIG MAC DADDYS), U10-20 DRY scallops, which are sweet and firm the best money can buy. We are also going to carry Ahi tuna steaks, Grouper and Mahi Mahi in the near future.
Our schedule for this summer is as follows:


Thursday Harbor Beach on Thursdays from 11:30 -6
located on Murphy Museum Lawn

Friday Dixboro 3-7 located at the Dixboro church
Troy 3-7 located in the Troy Public Library Parking lot
Bellaire 8-12:30

Saturday Port Austin 8-1
Rochester 8-1 (every other week starting May 12th,however, if another vendor cancels, we will be taking their place. Watch this site for updates

Sunday Grand Blanc 10-3
Clawson 9-1

We look forward to seeing you all again. we do accept credit cards

Ask us about shipping

Kelly 248-224-4894
Jake 248-404-8259