Our History

It was three years ago when Jeff was in the south golfing with his friends when one night they decided to go somewhere new to eat. The owner asked Jeff is he wanted any "Reds" having no idea what they were he decided to just try one. One was all that was needed so he ordered a quarter pound then a 1/2 pound main course then for the next three days that was his dinner.

When Jeff got back to Michigan for the next year the topic of many conversation where these red shrimp. Finally sick of hearing about them Kelly his girlfriend tried to find them online as a Christmas gift. Nobody had them and the only site that did was selling them at five pounds for over $100.

This got the both of them thinking "We can do better then that" so they did. The summer of 2016 was spent up north at Bellaire, Michigan along with two other locations to great success. With them already in the expediting business the issue of transporting hundreds of pounds at once was easily solved making this the perfect match. Now in 2017 Deep Water Shrimp operates at five locations with more actively being added.